Lyme Treatment – day 4

It’s an amazingly beautiful spring day today, the trees are budding and the birds are singing.  A great day to get healed!

Today I am feeling a little bit crappy.  The nurse said I need to up my water intake.  Hard to do when you’re nauseous.  There is a small sore under my dressing too, ugh!  I hope it doesn’t spread or get worse before they change it on Monday.  I did get a shower finally because the waterproof PICC protector came in the mail.  The staff here at the clinic said to use saran wrap and tape, which I firmly declined because of my adhesive allergy.  The new thingy worked and I successfully kept it dry!  go me.

sachi on way to cherilee's 4-10-2017Since the clinic is a 90 minute drive from my home, I have been staying at my cousin’s house.  It is really hard to not be home with my hubby and pups, but I am comfortable and resting away from home.  I’m SO grateful to have a place close with people that love me all around.  Sachi especially misses me!  She looks so sad in this pic don’t you think? Or am I projecting?  lol.

So far this week I have received a Meyer’s Cocktail infusion through my new IV on Monday, which consists of nutrients and vitamins to build up my system.  Then Tuesday and Wednesday I received 200ml of Argentine 23 Hydrosol Silver along with PEMF Therapy (pulsed electromagnetic therapy) and FSM (frequency specific micro current).  All interesting things that are supposed to aid my body in detoxing and healing.  Today they upped the silver to 400ml and they will continue to increase it over the term of my treatment.  The current protocol is set for 4 weeks and I hope my body clears all the yucky bugs in that time!  Otherwise the treatment will be extended.

IV on poleI’ve discovered, what many already know, a great way to help relieve the pain in my body: CBD Oil.  I’ve been taking it wondering if it works, trying to figure out the best dose.  You know sometimes you don’t know and forget the discomfort until it’s back!  Well, this morning I forgot to take the CBD Oil and now I’m hurting all over and my bones feel like they’re on fire.  Ugh.  Lesson learned.

2 thoughts on “Lyme Treatment – day 4

  1. Paige, can you talk a little more on the CBT Oil in one of your future blogs? I am interested in the strength you take, how you determined which strength to take, how you ingest it. Thanks Paige. What an incredible journey you are sharing. I am in awe of your beautiful attitude.

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