Lyme Treatment – Day 27

A fun photo of my dog Sachi playing in the Cache la Poudre River today.  Definitely today's highlight.  She did NOT want to get out.  She looked like a bear trying to catch fish. I was retested today and the Lyme is NOT gone.  I still have borrelia burgdorferi hermsii (aka tick borne relapsing fever), Borrelia miyamotoi, Ehrlichia, Mycoplasma pneumonia, and … Continue reading Lyme Treatment – Day 27

Lyme Treatment – Day 26

The schedule shows this is my final week of IV treatments.  I am praying that my body has responded accordingly and the Lyme bugs and co-infections are gone.  In this final week I am not getting hydrosol silver anymore, I'm getting Rocephin, an antibiotic along with the Meyers cocktail and lipid exchange at each end … Continue reading Lyme Treatment – Day 26

Lyme Treatment – day 24

Wow, what a roller coaster.  This last week I received the largest doses of hydrosol silver.  Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I got 600 ml, 800ml and 800ml respectively.  I spent 5 hours at the clinic Tuesday and 7 hours Wednesday and Thursday.    Thursday and Friday I woke up with a headache that made me … Continue reading Lyme Treatment – day 24