Lyme Treatment – day 11

Last Friday I received “Lipid exchange” infusions that include phosphatidyl choline (a cellular lipid), leucovorin (a B vitamin), and glutathione (a super antioxidant).  All aid in cellular health and detoxification.  It was a short appointment and I was glad to be on my way home to see Scotty and the pups.

It was great to be back home for the weekend!  Saturday we celebrated two of my kids’ birthdays and Easter at the same time.  We dyed Easter eggs, grilled ribeye steaks, they got in the hot tub (not me though), ate ice cream cake and apple pie (also not me).  But I did eat some yummy Coconut Bliss ice cream (my fav) after my steak.  It was a good day holding my new grandson, Garrett, and laughing with everyone.  I felt tired afterwards but not too bad.  Sunday we chose to watch church online.  Faith Bible Chapel, where we go, has wonderful sermons and when I don’t feel great we watch them live online.  Such a God-send!

w Garrett and Sachi

Monday was sad packing my things to head out again.  But I woke up feeling great!  Made me wonder if I was healed or when the other shoe would drop.  I had my weekly infusion of Meyer’s cocktail, a short appointment, and had my dressing changed.  I have to tell you that the suggestion to put frankincense essential oil around my dressing to aid in healing and preventing more sores worked amazingly well!!  When the nurse pulled off the old dressing, the sore that had appeared last week was healed underneath.  Wow, just wow!  I was feeling pretty good and so I went to see my cousin at her shop The Elegant Pear before I went to her house to settle in for the week.  I tried to wait for her to finish working so we could go out to eat dinner, but I crashed and burned after only waiting for about 45 minutes.  So I made the drive to her house and off to bed I went without any supper.  I didn’t care though, I just wanted to lie down.  I watched Beauty and the Beast on my computer and fell asleep.

Today is Tuesday, day 11 of treatment.  I’m hooked up to an IV bottle with 400ml of silver that will infuse over about 3 hours.  I’m doing good so far.  Hopefully I’ll actually eat dinner tonight.  I have a lot of food sensitivities (more on that later) so I’m not a great fan of food but I know I need it, lol.  You know, some people eat to live and others live to eat.

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