Lyme Treatment – day 11

Last Friday I received "Lipid exchange" infusions that include phosphatidyl choline (a cellular lipid), leucovorin (a B vitamin), and glutathione (a super antioxidant).  All aid in cellular health and detoxification.  It was a short appointment and I was glad to be on my way home to see Scotty and the pups. It was great to … Continue reading Lyme Treatment – day 11

Lyme Treatment – day 4

It's an amazingly beautiful spring day today, the trees are budding and the birds are singing.  A great day to get healed! Today I am feeling a little bit crappy.  The nurse said I need to up my water intake.  Hard to do when you're nauseous.  There is a small sore under my dressing too, … Continue reading Lyme Treatment – day 4

The quest for vitality with Lyme Disease.

This last weekend I began a pretty intense treatment protocol to eradicate the Lyme disease spirochetes and co-infections in my body.  The above supplements were prescribed to help flush the toxins out once the IV hydrosol silver and antibiotics kill them. What is Argentyn 23 hydrosol silver, you ask?  It is a new version of … Continue reading The quest for vitality with Lyme Disease.