Lyme Treatment – Week 6

Ok, I admit I had a little fit/ pity party over the weekend and couldn’t bring myself to write until now.  But I still feel so grateful that I am in the right place and receiving cutting edge treatment to fight this infection.  Can you have a fit and be grateful at the same time??  Maybe I just vacillating back and forth between the two.. I don’t know.  At least I’m closer to recovery than ever before!  The treatment protocol begins with 4 weeks of IV treatment and I am on my 5th.  They say that there have only been 2 patients that have gone a 6th week…   Hopefully I will not be added to that list.

It’s been so hard to make plans, not knowing how I will be feeling one hour to the next, let alone one day to the next.  But I mustered on Saturday and we went to see Guardians of the Galaxy at the theater and went out to dinner, woot!  I paid the price the next day.  I so badly wanted to go to church and to my brother’s house for an impromptu BBQ on Sunday but I just could not do it.  I was given additional supplements and they were making me feel terribly nauseous with a nice headache to go along.

These are the supplements they added and the reason for them:


All these liquids need to be taken by themselves before food and before each other.  It’s quite a challenge to do it right because there are so many and I need to take them several times a day..

Here are the first set of supplements and the reasons for them:


  • Nattokinase – to treat biofilm that the bugs surround themselves with to hide while the supplements and medicines try to kill them… so awful..
  • Bodybio PC & Evening Primrose Oil – both help my cells work better, taking in good stuff and letting go of bad stuff.  Making them little detoxing machines.
  • Selenium – to support my liver detox all the bad stuff and dead bugs from my body, YAY!
  • Chlorella – also to help detox.
  • And of course the big dog, Argyntyn 23 Hydrosol Silver – to treat EVERYTHING..

So on Monday, back I went to the clinic for another Monday Meyers Cocktail.  Tuesday and today I received 800 ml of the hydrosol silver through my PICC line and I will again tomorrow.  So far I’m feeling pretty good with the exception of the constant headache and eye ache.

I forgot to mention that I am also getting ozone/ uv blood treatments on Fridays too.  I thought I had a picture of last Friday ‘s but I can’t find it now.  I’ll try again this Friday.  They take out 50 ml of my blood from the PICC line, put it into an IV bag, inject it with ozone and saline, then run the IV line through a UV machine and send it back in through the PICC line!  Very cool stuff.  It was supposed to make me feel really good but by the time I drove home I was pretty tired.  Maybe this Friday’s treatment will make me feel better.


Charlott’s Web CBD Oil

Back before I was officially diagnosed with Lyme Disease, my primary care physician tirelessly worked to discover the source of my pain.  Over about a year, my body became increasingly more and more painful.  The pain started in all the joints of my limbs, terrible pain in my hands and feet, elbows and knees.  The headaches were constant and then my eyes began to hurt.  I tried MSM and eggshell membrane a couple of months after the pain began escalating and it worked for a few weeks, then it didn’t.  So my doctor suggested trying CBD Oil.  This is cannabidiol oil derived from the marijuana plant but it DOES NOT contain any psychoactive ingredients (THC) that would make you high and therefore can be sold and shipped to all 50 states.  It is considered a super antioxidant and pain reliever.  My doctor suggested the brand Charlotte’s Web because another patient used it and it is local (from Boulder, CO) and reportedly organic. So I tried it and it definitely works to dull my pain, to help me sleep and to feel generally relaxed.  (but definitely NOT high!)  So I highly recommend it.  I started with a low dose, low concentration version (Everyday) and the switched to a higher concentration (Everyday Advanced).  Charlotte’s Web suggested contacting Realm of Caring Foundation to see what they recommended for dosage amount.  This is what they said:

Thank you for contacting RoC!

There is no maximum dosing for cannabinoids.

The goal is to find a therapeutic range or dose that works for you. Research suggests that people are finding this around 2-4 mg of CBD per lb. You may find significant relief before getting to the “upper dose” amount. You can utilize the pediatric dosing calculator to see what this may look like based on your weight

I have found that 100mg of CBD Oil twice a day helps a lot.  I wasn’t sure until I forgot to take it one day and the headache I got was unbearable.  I am not totally out of pain, however, and I will probably not be until all the bugs are gone.  Some moments are definitely better than others.  It helps a lot to keep my mind busy.  I’ve really loved visiting with my fellow patients in the treatment center.  They are all amazing and courageous people getting treated for different things.  So far I’ve met people getting treated for Lyme (of course), Cancer, Epstein Barr Virus and adrenal fatigue.  The professionals at the clinic tailor the treatments to each person individually.  It’s a really neat thing.

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