Lyme Treatment – Day 27

A fun photo of my dog Sachi playing in the Cache la Poudre River today.  Definitely today’s highlight.  She did NOT want to get out.  She looked like a bear trying to catch fish.

I was retested today and the Lyme is NOT gone.  I still have borrelia burgdorferi hermsii (aka tick borne relapsing fever), Borrelia miyamotoiEhrlichiaMycoplasma pneumonia, and  Cytomegalovirus (CMV).  I did get rid of BartonellaBabesia and Rickettsia (aka Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever), so yay for that at least… <sigh>

SEE!!  the Lyme disease bugs bring their friends!!  UGH!

This is a good article about Lyme disease if you want to read:  Lyme disease.  Keep in mind that the treatment that I am doing is cutting edge and in the integrative/alternative field.  Pretty much all the articles online that I’ve found say that the proper treatment is antibiotics.  Well, my body could not handle the required amount of antibiotics, especially at this late stage of Lyme.  The doctors I see have learned from Dr Richard Horowitz and his books about his journey treating patients with Lyme disease.  I have read portions of these books and they are great.  Someday my brain fog will be gone and I’ll be able to focus on reading again. These posts take me literally hours, LOL…  It’s really funny and quite frustrating.  On that note, that’s all I’ve got for tonight.  I will post next about CBD oil because a friend requested it.

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