Lyme Treatment – Day 26

The schedule shows this is my final week of IV treatments.  I am praying that my body has responded accordingly and the Lyme bugs and co-infections are gone.  In this final week I am not getting hydrosol silver anymore, I’m getting Rocephin, an antibiotic along with the Meyers cocktail and lipid exchange at each end of the week.  Three days of this is supposed to flush the bugs from my kidneys, their last bastion of hope to stay alive in my body.  After my first day yesterday I had a headache and was nauseous which continued into today, whatever it takes!  I will be retested tomorrow, fingers crossed.

Today I also used the PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) machine:IMG_7660.JPG

The news about my mom is not good.  From what I understand, she was misdiagnosed with COPD 2 years ago.  What she really has is pulmonary fibrosis where scar tissue builds up between the air sacs in the lungs and the lungs become hardened and really don’t work well..  They are talking about taking her off the ventilator and putting in a permanent tracheotomy because she will always need help the breathe.  I’m so sad about this.  I even heard the words ‘lung transplant’ if she gets healthy after fighting the RSV infection that she has.

Meanwhile spring has sprung in the outside world:IMG_7661.JPG

And my sidekick Sachi came to hang out with me in Ft Collins this week.  Too bad she can’t come in the treatment center with me.  The days this week are short and cool enough for her to wait in the car and watch people walk by:IMG_7664.JPG-1IMG_7655.JPG-1

3 thoughts on “Lyme Treatment – Day 26

  1. Hang in there sweet girl. I love you and will continue to pray for your complete healing, and the same for my dearest friend/sister, Bobbi. You and she are two of the most precious ladies in my life.
    Love always,
    Aunt Pam

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  2. Looking forward to your posts on all those “more on that later” topics. You are an inspiration Paige. Keep up the good work of living life for Christ. Love ya girl.

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  3. Paige, I am sorry about your Mom. Glad this was the last week and I sure hope you get to feeling better . It will be so nice once you can be home! Your dog is so beautiful:) Monique


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