Lyme Treatment – day 24

Wow, what a roller coaster.  This last week I received the largest doses of hydrosol silver.  Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I got 600 ml, 800ml and 800ml respectively.  I spent 5 hours at the clinic Tuesday and 7 hours Wednesday and Thursday.    Thursday and Friday I woke up with a headache that made me want to cry.  The incredible part is that by the evening of those days I felt GREAT!  Like better than I have in recent memory, I can’t even remember when I felt that good!  The headaches were resolved with Alka-Seltzer Gold – the potassium and sodium bicarbonates are the magic elixir that helps my cells detoxify I hear.  Awesome!

But, as we all know, along with the mountain top experiences come some deep valleys.  On Saturday I heard that my birth-mom’s recovery in the hospital had a taken bad turn.  She was in ICU and placed on a ventilator under sedation.  Her lungs were not working and she couldn’t breathe, complications with COPD.  I wanted to go and be with her along with my sister and grandma but could not because of my treatment not being complete.   Praying that she will improve while I get through this week…

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