Lyme Treatment – day 18

I had a nice weekend at home laying on the couch and binge watching Game of Thrones.  I was feeling light headed and tired so just took it easy.  I can’t wait to feel great again so weekends won’t be so lame.  My poor husband is a patient man!  He was so bored he washed the dogs, lol.  I made it back to my cousins house yesterday (Monday) after my short treatment with the Meyers cocktail (see previous posts about what that is).  Resting is difficult because of, #1 not being at home and #2 feeling just plain uncomfortable.  So, after a restless night trying to sleep, this morning I went to the clinic for another large 600ml infusion of hydrosol silver (please see previous posts on what that is too).  It took about 5 hours.  I’m surprised how good I feel, not nauseous at all, just a little headache and really tired.  Over the past few days, I looked in a few stores for Alka Seltzer Gold to help my discomfort and I could not find it.  I will have to order it online I guess.  The next two days will be the longest days of all.  I will be getting 800ml of hydrosol silver each day and am scheduled to spend about 7 hours at the clinic for each of them.  Thankfully there is wifi and I have Netflix.

One thought on “Lyme Treatment – day 18

  1. My thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time. It all sounds very stressful. I do LOVE reading your blog and I am with you all the way! Consider your self hugged!!! ❤ Hugs, hugs, hugs!

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