The quest for vitality with Lyme Disease.

This last weekend I began a pretty intense treatment protocol to eradicate the Lyme disease spirochetes and co-infections in my body.  The above supplements were prescribed to help flush the toxins out once the IV hydrosol silver and antibiotics kill them.

What is Argentyn 23 hydrosol silver, you ask?  It is a new version of the old fashioned   antibiotic, antiviral, anti-fungal: colloidal silver.  Pretty amazing stuff.  Smaller, less concentrated silver ions suspended in pure water will not turn you blue like colloidal silver does.  So no worries about becoming a new member of the Smurfs!  The most important benefit of using hydrosol silver is that this protocol is supposed to be MUCH easier on the gut than antibiotics.  Antibiotics kill bad bugs, but they also kill all the good ones in your small and large intestine too, NOT good!  Especially when you have a gut like mine (more on that later).

I am so blessed to live within driving distance of the Tri-life Health clinic in Ft Collins, CO.  The resumes of the doctors, nurses and staff that do their magic here are very impressive.  Please check them out.

How did I find them, you ask?  A couple of years ago, I was visiting my cousin at her interior design store, The Elegant Pear,  while I was working a private investigator case nearby.  My cousin’s friend came in the store at the same time I was there and told me of her plight with Lyme disease and the wonderful clinic she was being treated at in Ft Collins.  It was a divine appointment.

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